Sunday, September 21, 2008

Redang Trip

We reach terengganu marang jetty at 8am. We have to wait till 9am for the boat to arrive. But seems like "Cookie" (the dog wearing the swimming aid) cant wait to get into the water.

We had 9 dogs who went for the trip. Everyone thought we were selling dogs at the jetty. Maybe we should start something like "RENTING DOGS" for the trip. Should make Money! :P

Had some discussion with the boatman. He's explaining to me how to wear the swimming aid. "duh"

Our friend here seems to be short on cash.... hehehhee Just kidding.

Ms Mw_pon... hehehehhe..... taking a puff while waiting...

One of our friend Joseph and his dog Cookie. Those dogs were very tired after the long drive. Good thing they were so tired, all of them were sleeping in the boat too.

Me, Kelly and Steven... cant wait to hit the island

Me, Joseph and the 45min boat ride to the island.

Ms Serene with Rocky, the boat must be really rocking hard till she have to tilt her whole body

Ms Audrey and my dog teddy. cant really see teddy cause his colour is too dark.

Thats me and Lara a American Cocker Spaniel... super heavy but veryyyy obedient.

At Last!! we've finally arrive at the island!!! Check out the waters!!!

and the Sands!!... The crowd was very little due to the "Puasa month". Excellent timing.
This is part of the chalet we rented. I miss that place already.. wish i can go back there.


Jiro@Rocky Loot said...

Hi .we was there too...last year !...

Amber-Mae said...

Wow! Looks like SO much fun! We are thinking of going there someday but still aren't sure of the location.